Welcome Families


Welcome to high school. We are Charlestown High School, an open-enrollment Boston Public high school that serves an extremely diverse student body. We have a strong, dedicated, passionate faculty who want the best for your child.

At CHS, we have a variety of programs designed for students of all learning needs. Along with a sizable general education population, we have Small Learning Communities for students learning English, for students with Special Education learning needs, and for students who have struggled academically in the past.

We know that the transition into high school can be a stressful time for some students and their families. It's a new school, with new teachers and new opportunities. As students make this transition, they're also getting older and face more concerns than ever before. Along with excelling at their academics, many students are also balancing their social lives, jobs, sports, and other extracurricular activities.


It's Time For High School!


The transition from middle school to high school is a big leap. Students have new teachers, take new classes, travel to a new building, and have access to more opportunities like jobs, extracurricular activities, and sports.

Some students easily adjust into the high school environment. Other students struggle. High school usually starts earlier in the day, and most high schools are larger than K-8 or middle schools, meaning that sometime students feel like they "get lost in the crowd."


We make sure all incoming students have access to the supports and opportunities they need to be successful. Our school structure promotes students building positive, productive relationships with their teachers. College guidance counselors start working with students in their freshman year. We also have a diverse student support team to help students who are facing challenging in school and outside of school.


We invite all prospective students to visit our school, meet our faculty members, and talk to our student support team and college guidance counselors. Successfully adjusting to the new high school environment is an incredibly important step as you establish a meaningful high school career.


All prospective students should take the High School Decision Process seriously and work with their teachers, guidance counselors, and families to decide which high school is the best fit for them. This means familiarizing yourself with how the Decision Process works, visiting schools, attending the district-wide Showcase of Schools, and looking at what is best for you as a student. Get ready for the next four years of your life!