Charlestown High School (CHS) is an open-enrollment high school in Boston that serves almost 900 students from across the city. Located in the historic neighborhood of Charlestown along the MBTA Orange Line, CHS is organized into five Small Learning Communities, each of which is designed for a specific population of students.

We prepare all our students for future success in college, careers, and life beyond school. With our unique programming, close partnership with nearby Bunker Hill Community College, and extensive range of extracurricular activities - including jobs, academic tutoring, performing arts clubs, and competitive sports teams - we provide all students with the opportunity to pursue their own interests and passions as they achieve success.

College and Career Pathways: Information Technology & Business 

Through the combination of rigorous coursework, career exploration, and real world learning, the Pathways Program prepares students for success in high school, college, and lucrative careers. Along with developing academic and career skills, students take college-level classes offered by Bunker Hill Community College and can earn up to 30 college credits that can be used towards a degree at Bunker Hill or transferred to many other institutions.  Following the 9th Grade exploratory course, students can enroll in either the Information Technology or Business Pathway.

College and Career Readiness

Our school counselors are dedicated to providing college and career opportunities for all students. In addition to college and career readiness workshops, students visit colleges and universities across New England, learning about the importance of GPA, the need for extracurricular activities, goal setting, and the best ways to prepare themselves for college success.  

Individualized Academic Support

Our Small Learning Community structure provides a small school feel with all the benefits a big high school has to offer. In our Advisory program, all students have a faculty advisor who they meet with weekly and who communicates with families to ensure students are on-track. We also have after-school tutoring, as well as MCAS prep, SAT prep, Advanced Placements classes, and dual-enrollment classes at Bunker Hill Community College.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Performing Arts Clubs for Band, Drum Line, Choir, and Drama, along with art classes offered during the school day

Competitive Sports Teams including basketball, cheerleading, football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, softball, and track

Boston Debate League teams in English and Spanish with top students attending national debate tournaments

EuroTrip Club for seniors interested in traveling to Europe with their friends

Jobs & Internships for students who want to gain career experience while also earning money

Girls Group and Boys Group for students who want to develop leadership skills

LGBTQ+ Club for students who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Allies and want to celebrate the diversity of student experience at CHS

And more!

Meeting the Needs of All Students

Our staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of all our students. This includes the students in our Sheltered English Immersion program and our students with disabilities. We also have the Diploma Plus program, a nationally renowned program for 75 students who want a unique educational experience that focuses on restorative justice practices and a social justice curriculum.